Queer Hearted Soul Journey

A 40 Day Inner Spiritual Healing & Remembrance 
For The Queer Identifying Person

My Queer People! It is time for us to rise to higher levels in our magic and allowance. 

I am a queer identifying spiritual leader, healer and medicine woman. I know my journey that I underwent in order to be right here to support you. Your journey to rememberance can be so much easier than you’ve imagined - and believe me, as I did things the hardest way possible, until I woke up to the beauties of ease, grace and divine alignment & allowance! 

I have created this program with my spiritual team for your divine remembrance! Get ready to enter this safe haven where miraculous healing, wisdom and breakthrough takes place!

This is for you. Period. It is!

In this 40 days we will explore:

The practices in my book,  The Spiritual Magic of A Queer POC: Inspirations and Practices To Empower The Queer and People of Color Communities To Live In Their Spiritual Truth. Have you read my book yet?  Meditation, Sobriety Practice (Releasing habits that keep us tethered) and Movement!
40 days of morning meditation and energy healings LIVE with me!
Weekly group sessions live!
Discussing, healing, clearing and integrating religious and societal shame, outcasting and trauma.
Practical applications and understanding of spiritual laws.
Energetic assignments to open up channels within the bodies.
The Magic that spirit has for your soul that will reveal itself as we connect for this sacred journey, and much, MUCH more! 

We will laugh, play, sing and dance the whole way!! We may also cry, scream, tone, yell & shout. No judgement! We are moving out what dims your light and blurries your vision! 

Feel the call??!!  

Feel your soul being magnetized?!

Sign up NOW!  

Hear what people just like you are saying about working with me

I experienced an amazing and profound connection with Spirit and self love and acceptance and power on a whole other level. When I did the ignite your best life with Shaunna. It was life shifting and it was in me all along. She cares deeply and truly listens from a place in which she is able to support you in the best way possible. I launched a project that I had wanted to do forever while I was in this course. I started to really focus on what I was allowing to hold me back from creating and getting the results I desired In lots of areas of my life. I learned so much about myself and really get the value you are searching for. I’m still seeing the results from the tools I learned in her course. The ripple effect is beautiful and I continue to learn and grow and step in to areas of my voice, power and desires for my best life.” -Avis 

“Shaunna's passion for spreading light and love through inspiring people to a higher level of health and wellness is contagious! Working with her will be one of the best things you have done for yourself.” -Jo-Lynn 

“If you want to take your life to the next level in any category whether it be fitness, spirituality, or just overall quality of life, Shaunna is your girl! She has so much energy, charisma and enthusiasm with a huge heart and an eagerness for knowledge and helping others! She will stop at nothing to help you achieve maximum success in whatever part of your life you choose to improve. Her smile is bright enough to light up a room and her presence is noticed everywhere she goes! She will tell you the truth and she will make the process fun! This girl is sure to brighten every life she touches You will not be disappointed!” 
- Marisa

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