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Warrior Spirituality© is a workshop to support in the total embodiment of being a warrior. We are true warriors when we possess the warrior heart, mentality, spiritual connection and ability to defend. This workshop is created to supply the tools you need to begin to fully embody the Warrior. 

In this two day workshop you will learn striking techniques of Muay Thai and self- defense techniques of Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. We will start the day with the Physical & Mental Warrior aspect. 

We then move into the Heart & Spiritual Connected Warrior. In this portion of the workshop you will go on an inner and outer journey of discovery. You will move through some ancient healing modalities such as breathwork, dyadic exercises, active meditation techniques and additional ancient Mystery School healings. ​​
This workshop will be facilitated by Shaunna Williams that carries years of mixed martial arts training, fitness arts and healing arts trainings. In this workshop she has combined her experience to bring you a full warrior experience. 

This is a 2-Day Workshop:

Exchange - $333