Hello Beauties; my kings queens and in betweens. You are tuning into Divine Queeries with the Mystical Minister.

I am a Queer Spiritual Healer, Minister, Coach, Advocate and Teacher; and  I  identify with the pronouns of she and her and I respect how you choose to identify.  I am the Spiritual Magic of a Queer POC  author and I'm here to support  you in igniting your freedom and being able to be who you are wherever you are. So let's dig right in today's episode. Let's go.

Hey, hey, hey, you guys welcome to Episode 1 of Divine Queeries with the mystical Minister. I am so excited for what we are going to create in this space, in this container together and for the world. I am so Pumped! So let's get it! Let's go! Let's do it! Let's let's let's!

I want to introduce myself to you guys. I am the Mystical Minister, also known as Shaunna. My government name Lashaunna, but you can call me Shaunna or the Mystical Minister and I am a queer identifying person. I came out at 19, had my first girlfriend at 19.  And then I came out again, as I started dating a guy and then I could just continue to come out.  I believe that we truly have more than one coming out story and I look forward to telling you guys about my coming out story. But the reason that we have come here is to share in the magic of us, to share in the spirituality, to share in the mysticism and the elements of remembering our ancestors and who we are, to speak on any injustice that come up that have happened that that continue to happen. We're here to talk about it, we're here to discuss it, we're here to create a safe space and a safe place to allow everything to unravel; to be processed, to be smoking on and to be to be let go up. So I invite you as you listen to these episodes allow yourself to see and to hear and to be and to do all that is coming up and coming through.

I promise to be a transmission of spirit. I promise to be a vessel. I promise to be clear and I promised to show up and I promise to give up myself to you and this container. And I would love to see you guys in person. I'm always offering things to the community online didn't live. I travel, I speak, I do workshops. I am certified in Breath Work and  Energy Healing. I have an Energy Healing School that I do what you can be anywhere to partake in. I have a Reiki School.  I also have programs; Queer Hearted Soul Journey is created just for my queer identifying people. It's a 40-Day spiritual healing and remembrance journey for the queer identifying person. We meet daily, we discuss, we heal, we meditate, we breathe; we discuss the trauma and the shame that's happened from society religion in our families and that we embody within ourselves. And we clear that so that you guys can be who you are wherever you are, so that we can be we are wherever we are. I also offer a 12-Week Total Freedom Protocol which allows you to break free of addictions if you're ready;  and allows you to be able to be free and to release the shame through spiritual awakening. 

I'm here in this way, I'm here and those ways and I will continue to be here.

I ask that you show up, you share, you share this, you communicate with me on Instagram. You can find me at @iamshaunna_williams. I also have a Mystical Minister page on Facebook, which I don't do a lot with; but as we're creating Community, I'll create the space online in that way too for you guys. So talk to me, speak to me, let me know; hit me up on my direct message, my DMs. Email me at [email protected] Let me know what you want to talk about, what you want to hear about, what you want me to discuss. I'll be doing meditations for you guys, I'll be leading you through spiritual healing journeys on these podcasts, we'll be talking about it all and I'll have guests on that will also share their magic, their Divinity, their power to ignite you and to embold in you into being more and more who you are.

So, that's me, this is us and this is going to be a beautiful container to have what we are here to have; to create what we are here to create. So my beauties; my Kings, my King, my Kings, my Queens, my Queens my Queens! And my in-betweens; goddess, sage being, space beings. Whatever you identify with, whoever you want to be,  I honor that. Lets you this, let's do this! The time has come, the time is now. And I ask that you remember that you are Holy, which means you are whole; you are complete. You are Holy, which means you are of the spirit. You are a of the Divine, and you are innocent; which means you are pure, you always have been and there's nothing that anyone else can say or do or that you can do to take away your innocence.

My love. I send you my love until the next episode. That Dre that Dre The Next Episode. I'll see y'all there!

Guys, I would love to stay connected with you. So find me on Instagram at @iamshaunna_williams. You can also reach out to me to check out my programs my offerings where I'll be in the world by and I am always here to support you, because I truly care and love you. And I want you to be who you are wherever you are, free from shame and in your spiritual magic.

one love, all love, always love.


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